We are upgrading!

WW - Logo Draft

Hi all,

You may have seen via our social media that after a few months of testing the market and reviewing the websites attraction, we are now about to upgrade and relaunch the site for May 2017.

My partners and I are looking at ways we can really benefit you our users, in addition to giving you extra social exposure, and provide you with earning potential as you travel the world.

Currently we are looking at installing freelance work, affiliate and content marketing opportunities – Basically, we want to provide a social platform that doubles up to offer you the chance to keep travelling by earning on the move.

We would love to hear your thoughts, or alternative ideas that we could explore – Please send us a message to [email protected]

We will, however, be taking down the current site for a short period; whilst we redesign and add new features.


WW - Logo Draft

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